Renaldo The
stage plan


Audio System and Lighting Specification.

Renaldo The is a 5 piece acoustic/electric band

Aldo Perez: Electric guitar, vocals, flutes
Jenny Lee Mitchell: Clarinet, vocals, drum/sound effects machine
Jonathon Roberts: Piano, vocals, keyboards/synth
Matthew Talmage: Drums, vocals
Nick Tardif: Bass, vocals

Stage Set Up and instrument desires:
1 good quality grand piano or baby grand with stool
3 music stands
1 chair
2 small tablesor stools for suitcases and props
Should there be no grand piano at the venue, a high quality electric piano is OK but please let us know in advance.
A drum riser for larger venues is appreciated (6 feet by 9 feet)
If venue has drum set, please inform us as Matthew may opt to use it. He will always provide his own snare and cymbals.

Amplification needs:
5 vocal mics (3 across front, 1 at piano and 1 for drummer)


2 mics for drumset (at least kick and snare, overhead mics if needed for venue)
2 DI boxes ( 1 for keyboard at piano stage left, 1 for drum/sound effect machine stage right)
Note: If no grand piano at venue then an additional DI box needed for electric piano.
Clarinet mic has its own DI box, just an XLR cable needed to plug into this.
5 monitors ( 3 across the front, 1 at piano and 1 for drummer, if venue has a sixth, then this should go to the bass player)
1 bass amp 200 watts or more
Note: if venue has a high quality fender type of guitar amp, Aldo may opt to use it instead of bringing his own.

We will provide opening music on CD.
At this time we do not travel with our own sound tech.
When using in-house sound technicians also please ensure that all PA systems and lights are installed, set-up and tested at least two hours before the band arrives at the venue to ensure a quick, low stress soundcheck. We hope that when we arrive on stage all mics are on stands and line-checked ready to be positioned, DI boxes set, the piano is tuned and mic-ed up and the monitors and mics have a basic level ready to start.

The band will arrive at the venue about 3 hours before the house opens. Sound checks should take no more than 90-120 minutes.
Detailed sound is important as the band covers a variety of styles from rock to tango to opera. A good quality PA with high definition is required.


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