Renaldo The

The Curse Of The Mystic Renaldo The - 2007, 3LD Art and Technology Center, NYC
A phantasmagorical Dada esque multi-media production with live music performed by the actors with a Weimar aesthetic. The production is presented in an upside-down hotel room full of trap doors and magic suitcases.

The Curse tells the story of a 1920’s shabby aristocrat Renaldo The who is murdered by his trecherous maid and poker-faced valet who are subsequently trapped by Renaldo The in his absurd death dream for slapstick revenge. Voted best new musical by the Gothamist 2007.

"marvelously odd" - Time Out NY "wonderfully weird" - The Gothamist

American Hallucinations - 2008, 3LD Art and Technology Center, NYC
A multi/media history lesson of the absurd. This piece takes on an episodic and ridiculous journey thru 40 years of American history and popular misconceptions from 1933-1963 told from the perspective of TheaterTHE's stock characters as they inhabit and pantomime the archetypes of those eras: hobos, solders, painters, starlets, prisoners etc. All the action takes place inside a tightly controlled scientific laboratory where the musicians/scientists prod and take notes on what these characters experience on their journey. Featuring Live feed, dance sequences and rock performance.
The Shrine, an installation performance - 2009, Phillips De Pury, NYC
Part performance piece, part concert and part sculpture, The Shrine features three performers/musicians inside a giant realistic camera sculpture who trigger all music and video which emanates from inside and is projected and fed to the outside of the giant box. Two 10 minute compositions centered on themes of Radio and Typewriter respectively and explored their respective evolutions and extinctions using film, sound design and live music.
Radio Purgatory - 2010, Dixon Place, NYC
A multi - disciplinary theatrical piece featuring the radio aesthetic of the 1930s and 1940s.A down-on-his-luck detective, Dick Flavor, finds himself in purgatory and encounters a cast of archetypal radio play misfits forever frustrated by a lexicon of only period vernacular.
Flavor attempts to solve his last case, namely his own murder, but is continually thwarted by slapstick, and outrageous commercial interruptions.

"Radio Purgatory is a highly intoxicating frothy concoction with an acerbic bite" -
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